Prototype, now with Feedback!

When I posted last week that our prototype was finally complete, I don’t know if I was actively forgetting about the feedback aspect of the course or not.

At any rate, with this post, I can finally say that our course prototype is completely finished!

Our course prototype can be found by clicking here. That link will take you to the main page of the course, where you can navigate to all of the other parts, including the course profile, rationale and my personal module (and Angela’s, and Sam’s, of course!)

Creating this prototype was definitely the work of the whole semester. I definitely see a lot of growth when I look back at where we started from to our decisions to focus and narrow our vision into something realistic and finally, the not-actually-complete “I’m done” post that I finished with!

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc

Looking at the three posts that I just linked to, I am really happy with how our prototype turned out. I think that creating something “brand new” is always hard and to be the first ones creating a course prototype for this ECI section was cool, but nervewracking. I am one who needs examples, or at least an idea to work toward (or, maybe, away from!)

For the response to our feedback, Angela, Sam and I wrote the following together:

Overall, we had wonderful people giving us feedback. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, which is so nice as it was a hard task to create something with little frame of reference. Below we highlighted a couple of common critiques that came up in our feedback document.

Some of our feedback mentioned that it was a little hard to find our information. While WordPress is a clean and organized tool, our drop down menus were confusing to some, which means they could be confusing to parents and, of course, the eight-year-olds taking our course. One thing that we would change in response, is to change our drop down menus. Instead of having information on the header of our drop down menus, the header could be used as more of a title, with the content in further drop down menus off of the header. For example, the header of “course profile” could be changed so that the course profile isn’t listed underneath and instead is found on a drop down menu off of the header. We believe this would help students navigate our site.

We also decided to rewrite our rationale based on some of our feedback. We have now included more details about the reasoning behind many of our specific choices including our LMS and other instructional tools. Our new rationale is more comprehensive in explaining the choices we made in order to maximize learning opportunities for grade three students targeted with this prototype.

Another area that came up often in our feedback was that our modules contain both student content and teacher instructional notes. One area that we would change in response to this, is to have the student content and the teacher notes separated on our WordPress site. We intentionally created our modules with both, simply for the benefit of this course and we would definitely streamline them and remove the teacher talk if this were to go live to an actual grade three classroom.

Finally, we had a couple of issues with links not working. We went through and double checked our links and also decided we would embed the information in the blog instead of relying on the link. Our example is with the Fotobabble link, we would post the actual picture in the blog post and also include a sound link to avoid the external link issues.

We appreciated all of the feedback given to us and definitely saw this as an opportunity for growth. If we were to ever create another flipped or blended classroom, we think we’d have a good grasp of where to start!

Photo Credit: county marquees Flickr via Compfight cc

Overall, I think what we created was great and I am very glad to have worked with Angela and Sam on this awesome project!

Thanks, all!


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