Back at it!

Hello everyone!

It is good to be back in a class with all of you – and some new faces! My name is Ellen Lague.

Hello all!

I’m a French Immersion Kindergarten teacher at Connaught here in Regina.  This is my seventh masters class and my third with Alec and Katia.

One of my goals for this class is to reinforce my previous knowledge about using tech in the classroom and hopefully add to my skill set!

Another goal that I have is similar to Kelsie’s goal of exploring Google Classroom.  I too, would like to use Google Classroom, or a platform that is very similar.  Since I teach Kindergarten, I feel like a lot of the online platforms that we will see will be extremely interesting but might not be able to be used by my Kindergarten students. Unless I adapt it for them, or use it with their parents?


Photo Credit: ryanvanetten Flickr via Compfight cc

My last goal is to expand my Twitter presence. I plan to participate in more Twitter chats and expand who I follow for education purposes.

All in all, I’m looking forward to this class and hopefully learning a lot!


2 thoughts on “Back at it!

  1. rochellerugg

    Ellen, I’m super excited to have a class with you again this year! I too am interested in how blended learning will look with Kindergarten. I know SeeSaw is something a lot of K teachers are loving, but is it something that can be taken further with the little ones? I haven’t had a chance to really look in to it all that closely.

    Chat with you later!


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