Stop, Drop and Unplug?

This last debate of the class was arguing the fact that we have become too dependent on technology and the fact that we need to unplug.  This debate might have made me a little ‘ranty,’ my apologies in advance, if so.

It seems over the course of our semester, most of the debates have not gone in technology’s favour and this was, again, another “technology is everything that is wrong with today’s society” debate.


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Every time we are told that technology is making us unhealthy or that we need to unplug, I think that we are looking at technology with such a narrow viewpoint.  Technology is all sorts of things. Technology is books. Technology is the total knowledge and skills available to any human society, which is why I find it so frustrating that we are only focusing on the negative “we can’t put our cell phones down” arguments.


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If anything, we need to define what technology we are going to unplug from. Are we unplugging from the “luxuries” of certain technologies? Is it still a luxury if my cell phone is my only phone? I no longer have a land line and the only way for my parents or grandparents to get a hold of me is with my cell phone. I rely on my cell phone. Is that a bad thing? Does “unplugging” mean relying on antiquated means of communication? Does anyone still know how to read a telegraph? Or Morse code?  Times change and technology changes.  To not try and keep up with the times is to be left (far) in the past.

I believe I wrote in an earlier blog post, and as Janelle says, it’s important to have everything in moderation. We have been through bans on things that society has deemed “not good” for us before, from bans on alcohol, to bans (or burnings) of books.

It’s really discouraging as someone who considers themselves to be a “tech geek” and a person that others can go to on staff for tech help, to see just how strong the argument is that we are too dependent on technology.

“Too dependent on technology” is crazy talk to me. This is how society works now. This is the era that we are living in. We are no longer part of the 1960’s. Or the 1900’s. Or even further back. We are members of this century. And our students are even more invested in today. We need to teach them the skills to get along and advance in today’s technology driven society.


Photo Credit: Telegraph

So back to that question: are we too dependent on technology?

I agree with Angela, I think that technology has grown and our use of it is necessary and a sign of the times. I’m not advocating for children or adults to be glued to their phones at all times, but I think that we have to acknowledge that it’s a necessary part of our lives.

For better or for worse!


One thought on “Stop, Drop and Unplug?

  1. I agree with your final point and I think that this is becoming “the new norm” for Gen Y. Thanks for providing great posts each week, this last one was no different! Best of luck with the rest of your masters


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