You sank my battleship!

Here is my summary of learning for EC&I 830.

I really enjoyed the debate format and therefore decided to “battle” myself in a somewhat friendly game of Battleship (or Navel Command, the cheaper, knockoff version of Battleship.)

Here’s what it’s like in my mind during the debates:

Thanks again to my husband, the video editing genius, who is very sick of my EC&I projects.

The script can be found here!

Thanks for a great semester, all!



9 thoughts on “You sank my battleship!

  1. asingh2

    It really IS all about the children! Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ellen – loved the video, and hearing your reflection on the debates was really refreshing, as it seems that you are more sure of your answers and choosing a side (which is not something I had a lot of success with this year!)

    Have a great summer!


  2. I agree with the focus ultimately being about the students. I also think you did an excellent job not only selecting a creative idea for your summary of learning but executing it well! Great job!


  3. danielleistace

    Great job! Your face is very familiar and now I know why! I know exactly who your wise “coop” was that thought you not to invent the wheel! She’s a wise one indeed! Great job Ellen! Great to see you!


  4. Luke Braun

    You hit the nail on the head Ellen. Students first is key for sure. Great job with the video. I often felt like that in my mind during the debates as well. Well done.


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