In which I use the word “newfangled”

Technology is making our kids unhealthy.

Or is it?

Let’s try and take off our tin foil hats and think rationally about this statement.


Photo Credit: AceOfKnaves via Compfight cc

In general, is technology making our kids unhealthy?

No. No, it is not.

There are a wide variety of different media types available today. To group all technology under the same and say it is “unhealthy” is taking things too much to the extreme.

For every positive, there is always at least one negative. While technology can help us stay connected, be entertained or complete tasks for school or work, there are those same people who cannot tear themselves away from technology.  Is this technologies fault?

One video this week compared technology’s effect on our bodies to that of drugs. We are apparently becoming so dependent on our phones and other forms of technology that we are addicted, like drug users.  However, this is a slippery slope kind of argument.  This is the same kind of argument that led to prohibition.

Of the four major arguments for prohibition, the “drinking is damaging society” is the argument that is most similar to the “technology is unhealthy” debate.  It’s not good for your health, it’s causing issues amongst friends, it’s increasing obesity…  Are we still talking about technology, or are we back on the prohibition bandwagon?

The reality is, we are smart cookies.  We know that if we were to drink all day every day it would be incredibly damaging (in so many ways). The same is true for technology. Putting the blame on the “newfangled” technology and expecting kids to abstain from using it would be just as silly as bringing back prohibition.

Also, another thing that people were worried about back in the 1920’s?


Photo Credit: chrisheidenreich via Compfight cc

Yup, the radio. That piece of technology, that is so commonplace now, was greatly feared when it first arrived.  Radios were causing children to sit in front of them all night, listening, when they should have been outside! And when radio started to broadcast commercials? Look out! That’s when people went crazy and wanted to stop the whole thing.

This is a cyclical worry. We will come to accept the phones/computer games/social media that we currently use and start to worry about what other crazy new technology is being introduced soon.

And that one won’t harm us either.


3 thoughts on “In which I use the word “newfangled”

  1. danielleistace

    I enjoyed your blog entry! I like how you’ve pointed out that these fear of new forms of technology are cyclical. Great observation, though I do feel that with each new technological advance, we as a society are truly becoming a little more sedentary as a result from it. That being said, I can totally see your perspective on how the worry has always been there, but then we just “adjust”…

    Nice perspective!


  2. I loved reading your blog! Your writing is very entertaining to read! I feel like change is hard for many people. Whether that is in the introduction of new technology or having to change a habit. Change is hard and people resist against it with whatever arguments they can somewhat stand on “It’s Unhealthy”. I think the reality is technology is not going anywhere and we have to learn to be healthy with it.


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