Ready, Set, EdTech: Round Two!

In the style of the great listicle, I present to you the top five things you should know about Ellen Lague as in introduction to my blog for EC&I 830.

1) I am a French Immersion Kindergarten teacher.

I teach 23 five-year-olds all the things every morning. 23 may sound like a small class, not a lot of kids, but trust me it’s so many five-year-olds. I have a classroom blog that I update daily for parents. I find it an easy tool to use to communicate with parents, especially in French Kindergarten. In the afternoon, I am a Core French/Arts Ed Specialist for a range of grades.

We get messy in art
We get messy in art

2) This is technically grad class #3 for me.

I decided that May and June were not busy enough already and signed up for two spring session classes. I am taking EC&I 804 on Monday and Wednesday nights as well as this class. I’m really liking the Curriculum class right now, I love getting pushed to think outside the box, I think it helps us grow as learners and teachers.

3) I spend an exorbitant amount of time on the internet.

I tend to fall down a rabbit hole when it come to the internet. I’ll start online with twitter, end up clicking on all the links, so that I have all the tabs open.


Source: MemeCrunch

Last semester I took EC&I 831 with Alec and Katia, so this has definitely aided me in my “all the tabs open all the time” internet addiction.  Also due to their influence, I have a lot of knowledge about social media and EdTech ways, including knowledge about trolls and French baking. (They go together, kind of.)

4) I am incredibly competitive

I’m pretty competitive in all areas, although, I have given up when it comes to FitBit. I learned early on in the game that my mom would beat me every time (she’s also a teacher and is super competitive… weird.) I’m in the same FitBit group as Jeremy, but am definitely not any one of the marathon runners. Instead, I’ll throw down in board games and children’s games of Badminton instead. (The school team that I help coach is okay with my competitive nature.) I usually do a reading challenge over the summer and will voraciously devour as many books as I can in the span of a month. I’ve also “competed” in NaNoWriMo, which is the best kind of competition: against yourself! (Thanks Monica Geller.)

5) I’m really looking forward to this class! 

I love reading the blogs that I see on the hub, and hearing from other people who are hearing the same information and synthesizing it in different ways.  I also appreciate people who are braver than me when it comes to the Wheel of Terror, (thanks, Amy!) so I’m not too sure about the great EdTech debates! (It feels like a different version of a Wheel of Terror!) Anyone else slightly dreading the great debate?

Super nervous

Source: Giphy

At any rate, I am looking forward to this semester and hopefully learning a whole bunch!


12 thoughts on “Ready, Set, EdTech: Round Two!

  1. Hi Ellen,

    Great to meet you. I learned a new word “listicle” – I think I just found a new style of writing that I love!!! I can totally relate to the open all the tabs – I call it sparkly squirrel syndrome;) Look forward to learning with you this semester!!


  2. Hi Ellen. Looks like you know alot about this tech stuff. I look forward to learning from you. I also am feeling nervous about the debate. We will just have to be super supportive of each other in our class 🙂 angela


  3. I’m also a crazy ‘multi-tab’er. My students often comment on it. I have dual monitors and I’ll often have multiple tabs open on both screens.
    Looking forward to what you find on your multi-tabs


  4. Erin Benjamin

    But the terror that occurs when you accidentally close the ONE tab you needed, out of the 173 tabs you had open!

    Looking forward to learning from you again this semester Ellen!


  5. Such a great animated GIF. So sweaty, haha. Listicle is a word I had never heard before either, and it’s one I’m not sure I’ll be able to say with a straight face :). Looking forward to chatting about the class in the staff room.


  6. Amy

    Hi Ellen! Glad to be taking another EdTech class with you. I have to say I had forgotten about the wheel of terror until you brought it up… Let’s hope Alec and Katia also forgot about it! Are you still doing a lot of baking since your learning project last semester?


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