Chocolate Mousse

This is the first of the French desserts that I have decided to learn to make for my learning project.  I chose Chocolate Mousse to try out first since it was one of my three “easiest” from my previous post.

To start, I found a recipe on Pinterest.  This always takes much longer than necessary, since there are so many variations of different recipes. Did I want to make a vegan chocolate mousse? Or an easy chocolate mousse? What about a good-for-your-sweet-tooth-but-contains-like-no-calories-because-of-your-diet chocolate mousse?  Or perhaps a classic Julia Child recipe?

I wound up pinning four recipes to my Pinterest board.  The first two were variations on the “Easy Chocolate Mousse” theme.  The first was from Will Cook for Smiles baking blog and the other was on Powered by Mom.  Both of these recipes called for whipping cream, which to me, sounded wrong.

I checked with Wikipedia and found out that mousse can be made with whipped egg whites or with whipped cream.  Since the goal of this project is to gain new skills, I decided to go for the harder recipes, calling for whipped egg whites.

The two harder recipes were both very useful to me in creating my own chocolate mousse. The first, from Sprinkle Bakes, had many different pictures documenting the process of creating the mousse.  I would have used that recipe since the pictures were so helpful, but the recipe wasn’t posted on the blog. I decided to use the recipe I found on Made with Pink since the process sounded similar.

To start, I gathered all my ingredients.


This picture is very deceptive. Since there weren’t a lot of ingredients, I thought that this recipe would be a lot easier than it actually was.

I started out by measuring out all of my ingredients.  Whenever I make a recipe that calls for measurements other than cups, I usually turn to google and convert the recipe.  Then, I separated the eggs white and the yolks.  Although I have seen videos like this:

My mom taught me to separate the egg using the shell like so:


I proceeded to follow all the steps in the directions, melting the chocolate, butter and coffee in a double boiler.  I then combined the egg yolks, sugar, rum and water and cooked those in a double boiler as well.



The next part was my favourite. The recipe called for the egg mixture to be cooled quickly in an ice bath.


The third part of the recipe called for whipping the egg whites into “soft peaks.” I have heard of hard peaks before, but not soft. I searched for a guide and found one that described it well.


When the egg whites were ready, they needed to be folded into the chocolate mixture.  I needed to learn how to fold egg whites into the batter on the fly! I quickly googled “fold egg whites” and clicked on the videos tab. This was the first video that popped up!

Here is what my folding looked like:


I then took my finished mixture and filled up my ramekins, a wedding gift that I have yet to use (although, with my plans for this project, I will probably use them again soon!)


Final verdict: Just okay

The mousse turned out okay and was definitely edible. The recipe called for a 1/4 cup of coffee and I thought that it was way too strong.  My husband loved it, but I thought it was too dense. For a dessert that it supposed to be “light and airy” I must have done something wrong!

From a search after the fact, I found that there are a whole bunch of variables that could have affected the mousse. I could have whipped the egg whites too long, or the chocolate could have been too warm. Or, I could have folded/stirred the mixture too many times.

For my next dessert, I plan to search for “what could go wrong” beforehand and see how many issues I can prevent!


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