Beginning a Blog

Welcome to the very first post on my “grown up” blog.

I have been teaching in Regina for five years now. I’ve taught Kindergarten to Grade 8 as a specialist – Phys Ed, Heath, Arts Ed, Core French and LLI. I’ve also been a French Immersion Kindergarten teacher for four of those years, half time Kindergarten, half time specialist.

I’m excited to use this blog in general and also as a tool to help me with my first Masters course ever.  I’ve blogged before – as a member of the millennial generation,  throughout my high school career (2004 – 2007) I was active online and chose to write my thoughts down in cyber space instead of using a pen and paper journal.

Getting to university, I deleted and changed and tried to erase online things that didn’t fit into the Professional Teacher Online Identity that I was trying to create. I’ve always been interested in technology and have belonged to almost all the popular social media sites at one point or another.

When I started teaching Kindergarten, I wanted a way to communicate with parents. I find that a lot of parents are stressed about their children entering the schooling system. More so if it’s your first child, but even with second and third children, every  new start is different and difficult. Therefore, I started a classroom blog as a way of digitizing a newsletter.

Every day I update exactly what we did that day in Kindergarten. I say what French vocabulary words we worked on or learned. I mention that library books are due tomorrow. I post pictures of children who have media releases signed and returned. Occasionally we will record a video and I’ll also include that on my blog.

Parents seem to love it. The only negative response I’ve had in the four years of writing the blog was one dad who “didn’t use the internet.”  Most responses are positive and parents check the site often.  So does my dad – a former teacher and principal – he enjoys the look into my crazy morning of French Kindergarten.

That being said, I guess I can’t define myself as a tech or blog newbie, even if I am using them in a way that I’ve never done before.  I am looking forward to the next semester and growing both as a teacher and a learner online.


Ellen Lague


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